Mission & Values

The Mission of Cooper Hotels: To excel as a hotel company and as a business for the benefit of those we serve...guests, employees and property owners. Fundamental to success in our mission are these values:


They are our most important asset. Their involvement, teamwork and commitment set the Cooper Hotels apart from the competition.


Programs, services, and facilities are designed and operated with superior quality, to achieve our goal of satisfying the needs and desires of our guests.


They measure our success, telling how well and how efficiently we serve. Profits are required to prosper and grow.

And those values demand guiding principles:

Quality Comes First

The quality of our product and service creates guest satisfaction, our number one priority.


Our guests demand a quality product at a fair price.

Continuous Improvement

We will not rest on past accomplishments but will continue to strive for innovation and improvement in products and services, increased efficiency and increased profitability.


We are committed to high standards of fairness and integrity. We will never compromise our code of conduct.